The interaction secret - Dr. Alfredo Spilzinger [PhD]

One of the main reasons we lost the model is because we have not differentiated interaction from action.

People are proud to be a doer. It does not mean anything, unless you could be a “interdoer”. What is that?

To reckon that we are part of seven billion of other human beings and that they could assure our existence just because they interact with us. So “interdoer” is the must for those who want to be a character in this theatre play named life, instead of being just spectators awaiting the end of the show.

Interaction performed just by “interdoers,” is a way to upgrade the level of loneliness we are suffering in an environment where we have been lost to fight for our survival. For whom? For those minorities that are managing the sets in which we live. Sets that we named them our countries, our provinces or our cities.

Taking advantage of skills, possibilities and sources form the “others” and try to be an “interdoer” we can change from being to becoming.

The rest of our fellow characters living on the scenario with us compose the otherness. We all enter the scene through the racks to the right and we begin to recite the roles we have not even written or rehearsed. It is a permanent improvisation, in the same way, as the others are doing.

Governments, who are “the few” govern the people, who are “the many”, but those are very busy keeping their positions in power. Be re‐‐‐elected is their goal. For themselves or their cronies.

That is democracy. From the Greek “ demos – kratos “ translated as the government for the many. But in the meantime “the few governing” the many they have to fight to survive in a very hypercompetitive world. And the scenario for their fight is the economic market.

That is the reason to interact. To get possibilities for our priorities, interdoing with the otherness.

How can we demonstrate that thesis?

Interaction is energy. And that energy is interchanged among our members set if we can work like a network.

Therefore following Einstein description interaction is

So the secret is to work as a network. We are in SANTA FE ASSOCIATES 120 office around the world. If we assume that every office is scored with 1 point, if we work just as a group of offices we could score all of us as 120 points

Therefore what if “the many”, tries to work as a net, instead of make it in loneliness?

We could cope with the power of “the few” that democracy has installed in the decision chair. And we could regain the lost model.