COMPLEX OR COMPLICATED - Dr. Alfredo Spilzinger [PhD]

We have lived in the twentieth century alienated with math variables to explain and predict changes in the economy behavior.

We moved by the mathematical analysis made famous Ludwig Boltzmann. We could almost say that we lived in a Boltzmannian order to decipher the behavior of human being in the economic scenario with equations that tried to give us new answers to very old questions.

Thus, marginal analysis to define to consume or to save, to take invest or spend decisions, propensities magic formulas found in its rationale.

We do not argue or we question the of John Maynard Keynes monumental work nor question Karl Marx materialist principles

We can simply say that these works and others of his contemporaries were the result of the existing disciplines at the time. Do not expose in an equation the interaction that occurred in the economic realm directly meant losing the spirit of an academic work.

But that concept has fallen keeping aside something very transcendental.

The economy (the Greek “ oikos nomos “ ) existed as a branch of philosophy. That means that the protagonist of those economic actions were not numbers, operating just as a mechanism within algebraic laws.

These characters, beings unique, original and unrepeatable are complex living things that move more with the concept of quantum mechanics to the principles of algebra.

It is for that reasons that defending Keynesian or Marxist postulates today (just to give examples) is like driving just watching the retrospective mirror instead of looking forward.the otherness.

Statesmen must understand that as public servants, the first obligation is to understand that there is 7 billion people inhabiting the planet Earth are living entities making decisions according to its path in life, but never as variables in an equation

They are complex, but not complicated beings that is totally different. Complicated beings (from Latin “plic”, meaning pleated) can have mechanical solutions.

Complex beings don’t have solutions (from the Latin “plix”, meaning network) they have just administration. There is no solution for complex systems such as life, whose most typical example is the living being. And that authority must be exercised with a complex criterion. Without defending any“ism” (Classicism, Neoclassicism, Marxism, Socialism, Liberalism, etc.). Because it is necessary to understand that if you could solve the economic behavior with a set of equations, we would be at the gates of understanding the mystery of life.