Get lost in the american moment - Prof. Andrea Pitasi [PhD] 

Getting lost in the moment, waking up in New York and becoming a Dirty bastard 

This is New York. This is the kingdom where dreams come true or maybe not. It really is New York, not the plastic made Hollywood Boulevard. There you dream to be a star, here you are or may become one. This 45 day stay in the US is something I was eager to do before I die. I am still alive – or at least I think so – but after watching The Sixth Sense and thinking of my relationship with my relevant few, I think I’m gonna doubt it. A Medium decaf in Starbucks and the chocolate donut, are the pivotal resources for a book lover. When you do have some, and provide a few green bills to the cashier in return, then you are free to zigzag through the bookshelves, collecting books and shifting and sitting on the dark green moquette, in a wooden warm atmosphere. Self Help and Business, what else matters, after al?  I adore the Barnes & Noble state of mind, and the B&N and at the corner of 22nd and 6th Avenue is my favorite, definitely.