Studi di teoria e ricerca sociale - Prof. Andrea Pitasi [PhD] , Sara Petroccia 


The goal of this paper is twofold: to expand the strategic application field of triple helix as a systemic problem setting and problem solving tool and to use it to face one of the key social challenges of our times: the increasing diffusion of the killing compartments (de Swaan: 2015) worldwide and their potential return also in Western areas through the most violent shapes of populism. By adopting some key concepts by Luhmann, this paper is focused on evolving the triple helix as a conceptual tool for inclusion meant as complexity and variety increase by drawing softer and softer distinctions (for example through cosmopolitanism) to skip the killing compartmentalization risk through rigidly and subjectively shaped stigmas with neither essence nor roots as shown by U. Beck in his The Cosmopolitan Vision (Beck, 2006). Keywords: Citizenship, Cosmopolitanism, Triple Helix, EU Policies, Social Changes